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My Role

I was brought into (Expedia group) to help get their new product of the ground, which they had consistently tried and failed on within the business for over a year. This would be the Rewards Visa Credit Card. My role initially was to understand the business, brand and ethos behind so this could be expressed in building a digital brand and experience for the product. This project was heavy on big data and working closely with other teams from within the business and externally to the business to ensure it was aligned at all times.

Problem Statement

Problem statement had been struggling to get the credit card project of the ground for over a year due not getting the right relationship and skill set from a designer. My task was to drive this project from a design perspective bringing in all my knowledge, skillsets and stakeholder management to achieve this.

To design an engaging microsite / page which appealed to our target audience
To use data from throughout the business to clarify all of my design decisions.
Working with multiple stakeholders to effectively marry a booking and credit card experience.
To ensure the essence of the brand and tone of voice is kept with the new credit card branding.
The Process

The Process

Below is the initial steps taken to produce this feature, this was very much part of the discovery and pre design phase which helped to build a picture and get all the right processes in place. This enabled me to effectively design everything required for this project.

Customer persona and target market

The first step was for me to understand who, why and where the credit card was for. This would help design decisions further down the road.

Male and Female
United States
Multiple credit card owner
Current customer
competitor research

Next was getting an understanding of our competitors in the market and other design styles and user journeys that I could take inspiration from.

user journeys

Using the current customer retention journey (on the left hand side below) and other competitors journeys in the market, I was able to build a potential customer journey when applying for the credit card (the right hand image below).

design system

The final pre design step was to set-up my sketch and design files with the design system so this could be used for the project going forward.



The deliverables from me for this project ultimately were design driven, and producing the highest possible level of design that the business required. Below showcases a few selected pages, showing the Credit Card homepage and the application steps when apply for the card.

Credit card homepage

The homepage was a highly rich and visually creative page, which included animations and interaction to engage the customer. I worked closely with product managers and copy writers to ensure all the key information was presented in an understandable format.

Application form

The credit card application form is not highly rich in design but it was imperative to get right and this involved working closely with our partner who produced the card, Wells Fargo.

Confirmation page

This page shows the confirmation page. This page had many states and outcomes which involved working closely with the Wells Fargo tech team to understand and design for each of them.



Testing different iterations and milestones of the credit card project was common practice. has a large research department and encourages testing and learning. As this is a new project we were unable to gather any quantitative data to how the credit card might perform, but we were able to gather feedback through usertesting. Below you can test out the prototype and view the recorded videos and results.

Invision Prototype
Gender Age Salary Country Customer Rewards Member
42 $150k + United States Yes Yes WATCH VIDEO
33 $100k + United States Yes Yes WATCH VIDEO
41 $200k + United States Yes Yes WATCH VIDEO

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