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Wba Project 1
My Role

My Role

My role consists of working closely with the client to produce end-to-end user focused creative websites. Progressing through all the relevant stages of a design cycle and educating the client appropriately. I work closely with the data team and like to use a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research in my design to reinforce my theories.

Wba Project 2
Problem statement

Problem statement

WBA struggled with recruiting good talent for their very wide spread business. My task was to help produce this through creative and enagaging design and help rebrand themself to become attractive for young people to want to apply for them.

To reach all demographics types to want to apply to work at WBA
To create a highly creative and engaging website
To back-up my theories and design decisions with data
To work closely with copywritters and art directors to align all other mediums with this project.

User and customer research

The first stage of this project was to create user personas based on what the client already knew about their demographic. I was then able to use these user personas to map out content inside the wireframes and priortise certain peices of content based on the personas likes/interests and needs.

User 1
User 2
User 3
User 4
Wba Nav wba-user-journey-world
Project Process

Project process

Before jumping into design, I set up my design environment in sketch to ensure a grid structure which could be applied to the whole site. This made it much easier when transitioning over to the developer to create his responsive breakpoints

Prototypes and testing

Prototypes and testing

I created two different prototypes for WBA - one in Principle which allows more animation and creativity and can be watched as a video (below), and one in Invision to provide the client with a quick and easy snapshot.

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